Ladies, do you ever feel inadequate?

Today, it came to my attention that some of the super model caliber girls in my classes felt extremely insecure when talking to me. Its sort of an epidemic at my school. I've been told that a girl started wearing make up just to talk to me, which I find appalling. The only thing I will ever see unattractive in a girl is a lack of confidence, and feeling like she needs to change herself to please me. Especially since I **HATE** make-up on girls. I feel like I can't trust them, it makes them seem fake, as if they are hiding their real self. My question to you is:

Would you ever change your appearance, personality to impress a guy? If so why?

What makes girls feel so imperfect? Everyone is beautiful, there's no reason to think looks will make people think differently of you. If a guy is going to date you for your looks. He isn't even worth your time in the first place... I know so many girls with boss ass personalities that I'd love to date, just because they're fun to be with, and I can stay in a good mood around them. But nobody wants to date a dork :(. People don't realize that I'm an extremely shy and boring person, but girls approach me just because I look interesting.

I think everyone needs to re-evaluate the way they judge the opposite gender. I can guarantee you, you will be so much happier, and find the perfect person, if everyone would stop being so superficial.
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  • I'm about the farthest thing from confident. I'm a bit heavy/have a bigger build, still a virgin, have acne, tall for a girl (+5'10"), and have always been told that I look like my father (who is a toothless drunkard). I'm not about to change anything other than my weight and try to get rid of the pimples, but that's more do me than anyone else. I think if I had to wear makeup and heels and go all out with fake crap to appeal to a guy, he doesn't really like me. Guys that choose girls for looks alone is like they're buying dog sh*t because it was wrapped in something shiny, it just doesn't make sense.

    As for not trusting girls that wear makeup, I'm with you. I always wonder what they're hiding and why bother hiding it if everyone can tell you're covering something in the first place. Anything past eye makeup (eyeliner, maybe mascara) and lipgloss/Chapstick just seems excessive to me, unless you have somewhere important to be and have to cover up a zit. A lot of girls feel like they need it to be pretty, but so many I them would be better off throwing it all away and just going natural.


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What Girls Said 3

  • No, I wouldn't change myself to impress a guy, but I struggled with low self-esteem when I was younger.

    Both girls AND guys sometimes lack confidence for a number of reasons. Maybe they were bullied and made to feel like they weren't good enough, maybe their upbringing at home contributed to it, etc. The reasons vary from person to person.

  • I think the reason why girls (myself included) wear makeup, straighten their hair, do their nails and stress over their weight is because it makes them more confident. Yes, I want to look attractive to others, and if I'm being honest, I want to get attention from guys. But mainly, I feel more attractive when I do things to enhance the way I look and therefore feel more comfortable and confident in socializing and around the opposite gender.

  • u feel that you can't trust a girl because she wears makeup? yeah that's a little overboard

    i would change to impress a guy if I felt those changes would improve me and make me better


What Guys Said 1

  • I get your point, why change for someone else... you are who you are. You should never change that (guys and girls).

    And on the point of being a dork( or nerd or geek, I don't really know the differences between them)/extremely shy and a boring person, hi I'm too, the only difference is that I don't look interesting, which is a rather awesome trait to have... Also, in general, most people don't even see me (even though I'm rather big) so praise yourself lucky that you look interesting ;p

    And I completely agree with you that most people only act on the superficial and not on what's inside.


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