Style tips for a first date, opinions needed :)

I got a date with a really pretty girl, she is a model right, so I assume she has high standards. So I was think of something to wear.

Would this style be nice? Or sexy enough lol


Me and the guy in the pic almost have the same body.

I have the pics of my face on my profile, would it look good?

If not what do you think would be nice?


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  • Just dress what you are comfortable in and best represents you. If she doesn't like it then she'll look for a fashion dude.

    Dress nice but don't go putting specific outfits for her, just throw on your "go to" clothes and call it a day.


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  • It depends on her personality. If she's a wild girl and likes alternative stuff then I think that would be a nice choice. Hm but if she's more traditional and more reserved, I think you should do a polo or button down shirt with a nice pair of jeans or pants and def no combat boots :P

  • How about a button up dress shirt?

  • haha no to the shirt. stick with a neutral or striped button down shirt

  • I HATE the shirt

    Btw, GAG loves you. All of your questions do numbers.

    Hmm wonder why...

    • Thanks :) I have some haters too. I get a lot msgs from guys on here.

      Lol, I'm wearing a similar shirt right now(: I get a lot of attention ftomw girls when I wear shirts like that.

      Where are you from? Maybe girls like different type of styles on guys in different areas

    • Dude, that looks like a girls shirt.

      Yeah, I'm on the east coast so that's probably why...maybe.

      You get a lot of attention from girls when you wear shirts like that? I see what you're trying to do

    • Lmao!

      What am I trying to do?

      Can't blame the guy, my best feature is my body and height.

  • This the same guy that claimed he wasn't into his looks? Hmm..

    Anyway, shirt looks cheap and the shoes look really messy.

    • Lmao! You again!

      You like your guy hairy and old, so I don't think you're the right person to answer this question. Thanks for your opinion Tho

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    • It's not plain! Your black shirt is plain black. I think this one is sharp, the pattern makes it a bit different. It's cleaner, it doesn't show too much skin, and it's a bit mysterious.

    • The nerd style is very sexy on a man with a body. Look women have different ideas of what is sexy. It seems like you're thinking that letting it all hang out is sexy but that's not true. Why do you think women always like a man in uniform? Men in uniform =sexy, men in tux=ultimate sexy! See?

What Guys Said 3

  • No offense but I would never wear a v-neck like that one and I'm into fashion. Me and others refer to it as a gay-neck...I have no problem with gays either

    • It's not a v-neck. It's a button up shirt, he just has it open like that

    • I didn't notice but its still the same kind of thing. Same look

  • Way too sloppy a look. You need nice shoes, nice pants and a button down shirt. You need to look nice and fashionable -- that link looks like something my dog dragged into the house.

  • keep it simple.

    work on being confident and having a positive attitude rather than focussing on clothes.

    i think girls should be worried about what to wear and stuff.


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