What should I wear to this exam?

so I am going to have my entrepreneur skills certificate exam next week and it's oral in front of a commission so I was wondering what I should wear? any suggestions? I guess a serious style would be good


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  • Goes without saying, don't show skin and there is a reason for that. You don't want to sound sexually overpowering and make anyone feel uncomfortable. They will definitely judge you on the person that you are, so dressing is very important.

    I suggest you wear something formal-casual. If you wear a skirt, wear stockings, don't wear too much makeup or too much jewelery.

    Also, wash your hair and keep the general appearance nice, clean and trim.

    Hygiene is something which is naturally bound to attract a person, and you can use it for your advantage without use of too much makeup/low cut clothes to create that impact.

    This means your clothes should be perfectly pressed, you should be wearing a nice soft fragrance, you should look healthy and fresh.

    Also, mind the etiquettes. Don't interrupt anyone, try to smile, think before you say something, and keep it cool. Don't come across as fakish and pre composed.

    Good luck!


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  • try took look professional. nothing that shows anything!


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  • probably the same thing you would wear to a job interview or a job. something professional and classy, not too busy, and comfortable/practical


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