Don't know what to wear?

I know it sounds weird because I'm a guy but I have a problem with what I should wear.

I don't want to look slobby or lazy with hoodies everyday. But I don't want to look all preppy with cardigans and stuff like that.

I'm 18 and at university and I think I should be dressing more grown up, maybe. But I don't know.

I don't know what colors I should wear ideally, or what style I should go for.

Can someone give me some help in this-- I know girls are like geniuses in this area.

I'm blond. No highlights. Pale, slightly yellow/ sallow skin with red cheeks. Slightly dull blue eyes (or not bright).

Any help is much appreciated. Thankyou.


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  • A) girls aren't geniuses when it comes to men's clothing, it might help to get that idea out of your head early.

    B) dress how you want subject to:

    C) if the way you're dressed doesn't fit in the environment, its a costume.

    For better or worse, 18 year olds don't generally dress like 'grown ups' in university. That's not so painful. What's painful to me is I'm 35, and most guys my age still dress like they're in high school when they're not at work. I feel a little old for hip jeans and a t-shirt.. Ugh.

    Seriously, at your age, I'd keep dressing casual, but start dressing well. By that I mean pay a lot more attention to fit, get great jeans, not okay ones. Put a little more effort in.

    3 years from now you'll be wearing office wear daily, and can indulge in your more refined tastes at that point ;)

    • but wouldn't this just make you another number in society?

      just another person shaped to the mould of everyday business?

    • The difference in how men dress is usually not that they are dressed in a categorically different way, but rather in dressing better - better fit, better construction, better complementing of the pieces, better matching of style to the wearer's physique.

      Its not about wearing a suit to the sports bar where everyone else is in a t-shirt. Its about being dressed well AND appropriately for each situation.

    • I see your point there. Apologises for my brash interpretation.

      Now that you have put it in that apect I can see what you previously meant more clearly.

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  • Wearing blue will make your eyes stand out, and it looks good with pale complexions...Other good colors are black, brown, and green, but honestly color doesn't matter that much, as long as you don't wear tan shirts, and sometimes yellow. And you could wear a button-up shirt, but roll the sleves up a bit, with jeans and sneakers. Or wear polo shirts with jeans and sneakers. Not preppy, not sloppy, not too childish, not too grown up, in my opinion.

    • Thanks, this is what I was getting at. I don't want to look like I should be in an office, but I don't want to look like a slob...

      Thanks for the advice I'll take it on board.

    • No problem! I'm glad I could help you out, and I totally see what you is good fo find a balance between the two.

  • ok,well, since you're pale, wearing dark colors are important to make a contrast,[i know this cause I'm vampire like pale] and try wearing crew neck sweaters,dark dress shirts with skinny jeans and sneakers[cause that'll make it more casual],and you can still mix the occasional hoodie in there,cause remember, you're ONLY 18,don't dress too mature!lol

    hope that helps!

  • Dress shirt and jeans, shirt not tucked in.

  • Maybe you can try darker color for t-shirt with some cool design, girl will attracted to the design on your shirt you know and match it with darker blue jeans.It's perfect simple and make sure you smell good.


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