This friend of mine has issues with the way she looks how can I help?

This friend of mine is a really cute tiny girl. she is single and lately she has seemed very depressed. she has even wrote a bunch of reasons why she is depressed and she wrote stuff like she doesn't like the way she looks and she doesn't seem to feel like what she wears isn't good looking on her. and she wrote about how he is getting a lot of pressure from her parents about school and everything. and even though she is tiny she still thinks she is fat. and I am not sure if she is joking or not so I was wondering what would be the best way to help her self esteem?


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  • I won't say keep talkin to her or tellin smthg.I think you already did.

    Organize some programs together,go and shopping a bit,cool clothes and make-up etc.

    Then take her with you and go to a night club.A cute guy and a good evening would make her confidente ;)

  • The best thing that you can do for her is just be there for her to talk to and keep and encouraging her and giving her compliments she has to get over this herself . . .

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