He didn't acknowledge my new hairstyle?

I finally got my hair trimmed and style after it growing out it became so unmanageable I always tied it up. Yesterday no one noticed it looked different. I had it down with layers and it was straight. The only ones who noticed and acknowleged were the ones who knew I was gonna do it.

No one else did. Not even the people who usually do notice things. Not that I was fishing for compliments but it saddens me a little.

Not even my best friend noticed!

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I feel you, but it happens. Don't take it to heart. Maybe since you always tied it up when it was unmanageable they overlooked the difference between your old hairstyle and your new one because they're not used to seeing your hair down anymore. I'd be a little disappointed if my best friend didn't notice, but probably not offended.

    • its always been in a bun for months...now its shorter AND straight..i have natural wavy hair. How can they not notice those things.

    • I'm not sure, but sometimes people are forgetful. If your hair's been up for months it's possible they forgot what it looks like down and that it's wavy. It's hard to tell the length of someone's hair when it's up too, especially a bun. Anyway, it could be anything really. Don't worry about it.

    • Kinda weird they didn't notice you had it down though, if it's been up for so long. It's alright though, it's not worth getting upset over.

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What Guys Said 4

  • Its happened to me, doesn't really offend me, just disappoints me. Mosly because I'm so observant and rarely will something go unnoticed by me.

    • same thing with me. a wee bit sad.

  • It's just a freaking hairstyle... why must women be so vain and shallow and think people care about such things like them.

    • well we do :) same reason why you guys get all fly for a date and the woman says nothing.

    • guys might try and dress up or look some way for a date (I personally just dress how I feel, what I'm comfortable in, the only exception would be a fancy restaurant), but they don't get butthurt if people don't notice. Those who might care are well... retarded and generally made fun of by other guys.

  • he's not observant... sure its nothing tho..

  • it's your choice. they can't really say anything or force you to change back


What Girls Said 3

  • This has happened to me before, and honestly I couldn't care less. I knew my hair looked great and didn't need to hear it from any one else.

    • I don't either. I personally don't need the compliments..its just the "did they notice" part that bugs me.

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    • *i wouldnt

    • yeah I guess your right. what does bug me though is people who do notice and don't say anything but when others start fawning over it...they join in on it.

  • no. if I like my hairstyle, it doesn't matter who acknowledges it.

  • I understand what you are saying and why it would hurt. The change meant something to you and you would want the people in your life to notice that about you because it means they are paying attention to you, noticing you ( not in a vain self attention seeking way) and that you are loved. When people notice , it just makes you feel special and makes you think, " Yay! I am cared for and important to them!" ... Small things play a lot bigger roll in peoples lives than they realize or even want them to! :)

    I know it can hurt to a degree but you can't let it get to you. They didn't mean any harm by it and I'm sure they care. Plus you said that you always wear it up and maybe they just thought it was your natural hair when you wore it down. I'm sure they would have noticed if you normally wore it down ;)


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