Are the people you know who have not been in a relationship yet generally physically unattractive?

I'm talking about people who are 18+ and who have started university. Are the people you know who have not been in a relationship before generally unattractive physically? Whether it's facially, or maybe something to do with their weight or their height or some other factor? Or have they never been in a relationship before because of a personality factor? I.e. they may be shy or stuck-up or hard to get etc?


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  • Well it depends what you mean by 'never been in a relationship'?

    I.e. I've never been in a boyfriend~girlfriend relationship but have exclusively 'seen' a couple of guys?

    I don't want to sound like I'm blowing my own horn aha but to answer the question, I'm an slim build and am called pretty and generally I'm easy going and friendly. I think it's just sometimes about the luck of the draw, finding someone you want to be with who wants to be with you long-term too


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  • great question! the answer is no...not at all! I know some guys and girls who have not been in any relationships yet (in college) that are drop dead attractive! and super friendly! but them being super friendly is where the problem lyes since many people that show interest in em usually cannot tell if they are being friendly or not! I'm sorta like the same takes forever for a guy to figure it out :p

    help me please?

    • Sure, what do you need help on? And thanks for your answer.

  • I know quite a few people who have never been in a relationship and there is nothing wrong with them. I don't quite know the answer for that, being one of those people myself, but for some of us it just takes a while longer.


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