Are you guys sure you like girls with no make-up?

I'm a black girl that has had, and still has, but a small amount, of acne. and because of that I have scars left behind. not the "pitted" kind just the darker discoloration almost all over my face. so when I read on here or hear guys say they would rather a girlfriend with little to no makeup I'm conflicted. I wouldn't say I'm totally attractive with make-up on, but I would defiantly consider myself ugly without it. and I'm sure guys would too. so what do I do when I start to date someone? or what am I supposed to think when I read or hear stuff like that/


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  • If its just to cover up acne then its fine to wear a little makeup. Guys just hate it when girls overdo it and put way too much on.


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  • Firstly, please , no longer focus on " I am a black girl",

    well, as I think we are all the same in here:)

    Well, what I could say in your case is,

    If a guy is totally into you, he won't mind this little thing!

    I am 18, and have acne too,

    still, I've got guys to chase me.

    What you need to do is to be confident.

    You need to love yourself , so guys would like you,

    I could say, guys like girls with confident.

    You can try to make up,

    use concealer to cover your acne or the scars.

    Firstly, you can browse some web, teaching you how to make up,

    so as to apply a thin make up but can cover all your acne.

    To start dating someone,

    you really need to learn how to appreciate yourself,

    to find more your merits, and try to show them to your beloved,

    Be confident.

    Don't try to give yourself up if you can't date someone,

    rather you need to be more confident.

    Remember, many successful people need to try a lot of times before success!

    Good Luck.

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