Which fashion trend will you never understand?

So which trend do you not get? Why are they so popular?

I don't understand the whole moccasins with fur around the, to me they look like loaves of bread. link


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  • Some of mine are a little old:

    1) Goth kids used to tie Stuffed Elmos to their wallet chains

    2) Guys wearing knit caps in the middle of summer, every day. I can maybe understand fall; and a friend recently started making them, so I may have to adopt the habit a bit, but...

    3) HUGE heels on girls. I mean, honestly, past 3 inches it doesn't make you look any hotter to me. If you're lunging forward or walking on your toes, that's gotta hurt. Peep toed boots would go under this one, too. Why would people wear these in the fall and winter if it's cold out? Oh, and heeled tennis shoes.

    4) Venetian blinds sunglasses.

    5) Wearing yoga pants/sweat pants when you are out and you didn't just come from the gym, etc.

    6) Really baggy jeans. Really if your pants are falling down, that defeats the purpose of pants. Yes, have them be comfortable. But THAT loose?!

    7) "Guyliner" - really. Come on. Ok, if you're on stage, and you've got a character/persona, then there's some leniency. Otherwise... no.

    8) Hats that are too tiny / too big for your head.

    • yoga pants are super comfortable, and when your on your period it feels good to just put them not have to deal with jeans.

      I don't see the point in getting all dolled up to just go to the store, or school or someting.

    • I'm with Dave on the yoga/sweatpants thing. I think it looks really trashy when ANYONE does this. I would much rather wear jeans than sweats, any time of the month.

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  • Scarfs with T-shirts on a warm day

    Nose rings that look like boogers dangling out the nostrils


    Any hair-style or attire considered ''emo''

    Anything hipsters wear

    Huge African tribe inspired Ear Discs ( Whenever I see one, I want to slide a master lock inside it while they're not looking, lock it, and run like hell)

    • I'm going to start carrying a master lock with me. That's an amazing idea.

  • I don't really think that girls do it much anymore, but the stupid haircut where it's about jaw length on the side and it looks like a normal haircut, but the back is a short, shaved up fly-away mess. That was the dumbest thing. Any girl reading this with hair like that should go to a barber and get a regular men's haircut. It will look better.

  • Lol I won't understand that and people who wear their pants off their ass. Its so easy for someone to commit rape in faster fashion and with ease. Not my thing, but eh!

    • And that, my friend, is HOW that all got started! No, seriously. You know that. I tell all the boys I work with about that is how it all started in prisons & they suddenly grab their pants & hike 'em up around their necks, belt & all! :D

  • Uggs. I still don't understand why so many girls like them. Probably never will.

    • I don't understand it either. Uggs are ass-ugly.

    • Some girls look really good on those, especially the short chubby girls. It's adorable

  • skinny jeans

    Shaving eyebrows

    Girls shaving their head

    Any stupid colors (basically, any color that hair wouldn't normally grow as)

    any stupidly asymmetric hairstyles (if one side is way different than the other)

  • sunglasses that cover almost the entire girl's face

    high waist pants

    skinny jeans

    i dunno, tons of them

  • Guys who wear there pants low, nobody wants to see your underwear, it's disgusting. Also I don't like Leggins/Jegins on girls. It's unatractive to me.

  • People who leave the New Era stickers on the bill of a hat.. I hope the next redesign New Era makes it so friken ugly that you will want to pull it off.

  • Leggings, and I don't think I ever want to understand them.

  • high waist pants/skirts on girls


    guys that sag their pants

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  • Skinny jeans on guys. Toms. Harem pants. Gauges. Emo/scene clothing and hairstyles. Fedoras. Red nail polish. Grandma style clothing (if you don't know what I mean, just refer to any Zara store near you). Those flip flops with giant platforms. De Puta Madre 69.

    • my mom went to the zara store, I don't like their clothes there either, I only use red nail polish for some weird reason.

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    • I have a pair of platform flip flops that I wear around the house and their soles aren't stiff so you kinda sink into them. I don't wear them not outside of the house unless I'm having a particularly horrible day, but seriously, every time I come home after wearing heels all day and I step into those flip flops?...oh my god <3

    • y'all's zaras must suck cause the clothes here are AWESOME.

  • The feather trend.

    Girls are putting damn feathers in their hair. What are they trying to do? Get with Big Bird.

  • - Skinny jeans for guys. Don't they hurt their balls? Or are they used to show they don't have any? ;) (JK. DON'T HATE)

    - Animal skin. Just... ew.

    - HUGE EARLOBES. I'd rather use animal skin.

    - Tight t-shirts. The idea of tshirts is comfort. Not showing off your body.

    - Tiny, TINY clothes. Stupid.

    - Stupid sayings on the sh*ts (like OMG SHOES)

  • 1) Uggs

    2) Leggings or Jeggings. Girls, they are NOT a good substitute for pants!

    3) Guys who wear their pants like super low. If I'm going to go out with you, you better pull your f***ing pants up.

    4) Fake nails. You have real ones. Grow them out FFS.

  • Wearing branded t-shirts. Walking advertisement anyone?

  • I don't like mocassions either! they look so ugly!

    also I disliked crocs! at one point years ago everyone would wear them

    jeggings or however oyu spell it, they look tooo tight and I just never liked them at all

    guys who sag their pants really low down especially when they're wearing skinny jeans and has a belt on.

  • I don't understand the whole pants hanging to the guys' knees, and I don't understand the girls buying or wearing jeans that are like shredded. The purpose of jeans is to cover the leg, but with those, there's hardly any material left! And why you would pay extra for a pair of jeans that like they were given to a 4 year old with a pair of scissors...weird. You could do that yourself...even though it is dumb.

  • When girls wear leggings and then don't wear a shirt that covers their ass.

    Toms -$40 for a shoe made of canvas. f***. get real.

    Guys' sag and drag, especially white guys who do it, like this link

    People who wear Sperry's with everything

    • In case you didn't know, every time someone buys a pair of toms shoes they give a pair to a child in need.

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    • Bitter? lmao ok

    • Toms remind me of mummies. :/

  • crocs.


  • crocs, uggs, wearing jeans so low you have to hold them up to run...which is funny to watch, wearing pajamas to go to the store and such, the feather in the hair thing, the jeans girls wear with holes or really bad faded looks they look horrible! and the really short shorts girls wear...and pajama jeans just wear normal jeans for crying out loud

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