Laser hair removal for guys? Thoughts?

To keep it short, I'm 16, and have body hair in some less then charming areas. (Ass) and have a bit too much in some normal areas (thigh, calf, stomach). Pubes are simple enough to keep trimmed but I can't be bothered to hit all these areas. I read laser hair removal can not only be used to permanently remove hair but also to lessen the density of the hair. Anyone have experience with this they could share? As of now, its fairly dense, and very dark making it even more noticeable. I was wondering if I could use laser hair removal to eliminate ass hair, and also use it to thin out the leg/stomach hair in a way that would look fairly natural (Not just the same hair length and color but 1/2 as much, that'd look bad I would assume)

Like I said, I'm not an absolute ape man but its enough that I'm fairly sure many girls would be turned off from, and its been a deep insecurity of mine for a while, so any advice/stories/thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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  • dude, hair is natural. it really doesn't bother me. yes, even ass hair.

    • Meh, most high school girls don't have the same outlook unfortunately.

    • Oh, whatever. High school isn't forever. I'm only a freshman in college, anyway.

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  • I'm a high school girl and I agree, it's not a big deal. And my friends would agree :)


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  • Don't worry about it. Girls like manly looking men.

    • Trust me, I'd never go all out fem-boy. I'm proud of my masculine look, and being able to grow any type of facial hair I'd like at 16 is a hell of a perk. I just want to thin it out so I look cleaner, but still natural.

    • Just trim the hair using thinning shears then.

      Walk into Wal-Mart or Target and walk down the beauty isle. You'll see scissors with teeth on one side. Those do a fine job at trimming and leaving a little texture so it doesn't look funky.

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