Halloween costume - the biggest douche bag ever?

This year for Halloween I've decided to do something epic because it's my last before I become an adult. I want to dress and act like the biggest douche bag for a day because I think it will be hilarious to see people's reactions. I've already decided that I'm going to wear the most bedazzled and douchiest Ed Hardy shirt and jeans. Oh and sunglasses indoors. What else should I wear and how should I act? by the way I'm also doing this at school too.
I was thinking about getting studs in my ears too hahaha. Anyone know how I and do that without actually piercing my ears?


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  • gel your hair get a spray tan.. or paint your skin orange.lol

    • Haha spray tan would be semi permanent and I want to not look like a douchebag the next day hahaha. But I'll have to get a mega douchey cut and gel it haha

    • @update magnetic earings

    • Great idea!

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  • * extra tight wife beater

    * fake Chinese symbol tattoo

    *popped collar

    *sideways/backwards cap

    * gold chain necklace, dog tags

    *labels on everything

  • Wear a fat suit. And have a sign on your forehead that says I'm not fat I'm pregnant.

  • Grow or draw a fake chin strap, and maybe draw a fake 6 pack!

    • I don't have to draw a fake 6 pick but maybe I should put some oil or Vaseline on it

  • Go out in a bra and undies. If people look at you strangely or comment, just say: 'I don't need clothes. Its called freedom! I read about it in the newspaper'. And pout. haha. I'm joking.

    You could wear some sunglasses with your costume and lower them a little while raising your eyebrows. Walk with your nose up in the air. And strut. You could make your movements exaggerated to create humour. Wear your jeans a little low and wear som bling with it.

    I'm just hoping that you're normally nowhere near a douche, or people could mistake you for being an actual douche. Good luck! :)


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  • Dress and act like ben affleck from the mallrats movie

  • make sure you wear something with TapouT on it so everyone knows not to f*** with you because you watch UFC

  • Just go as Mel Gibson

  • 1. Get the pencil moustache/beard that outlines your jaw and lips.

    2. Wear a gold chain.

    3. Say you drive a "big lifted truck". That way people know you are a douchebag and have a small d*** to boot.

    4. Call ever girl you meet, "Trick".

    5. Walk around with a sense of undeserved entitlement.

    6. When you enter rooms, look around and nod your head as if to say, "Yeeeeeah...I'm the sh*t. Party is gonna' get started now."

    7. When a guy gets near you, lift up your chin and look down on them as if they are "below you".

    8. Get really loud and obnoxious when you get near any form of alcohol. Animated movements are a must.

    9. Take off you shirt at inappropriate times and tuck it in your pants.

    10. Insult and disrespect people (as long as you are with your "posse") but keep your mouth quiet when your alone.

    That should help you get started.


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