Knee high boots at work?

I work at a law firm with a casual dress code (like lawyers in flip flops casual) so what I can wear to work is kinda a free for all. I've always thought that if you wear it to the bar you shouldn't wear it to work and so far that's been easy to stick to. But now it's starting to get colder and I'm freezing in the mornings with my flats on and in winter I pretty much live in Uggs. So, given my ultra-casual office environment I'm wondering if it's OK to wear knee high boots to work over jeans because typically that's something I'd wear to the bar in the winter. I'd still be wearing regular shirts and sweaters to work but I'm wondering if it's appropriate to wear knee high boots to work.


That's a pair of boots I got another day and I have another pair that are black suede and the same height.


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  • Under the knee boots are fine in winter. TBH, its your jeans that are very casual. Plenty of women in more formal offices wear boots like that with skirts.

  • Ask them, not us. Only they know the rules of your job


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