Eating disorder tattoos, and other meaning fun tattoos.

I've gotten 3 tattoos. One going from my ribs to my hips on my right side it's a poem in written backwards and in black light ink. It holds a special meaning to me and I wanted it to be their so only I can read it in the mirror and no one knows I have it unless they shine black light on it. And then I have a pix of hello kitty on my inner lip it was so I rember a part of the child in me since I'm always so mature and proper. THen on my right wrist I have a pix of a heart with wings in it and a band of sparkles around it to repersent my dog cause she was born on my birthday and she's just an awsome dog. I want to get another that repersents my battle with bumimia or as I call it MIA. I was thinking maby the Neda symbol on my hand on the spot when you make a fist and it's the bit of skin between your thumb and pointer finger if that makes sence. SO anyone have any other suggestions. I model so I need it to be easy to cover up . Anyone else have any tattoos that repersent your battle with an ED?




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  • Can everybody see the Hello Kitty, say when you pout or something ? Or does lipstick cover it up ?

    Nice ED tats, but I do wear some silly tatts; a pair of playboy bunnies on my arms. Please don't ask why; I guess in part because of a girl, and in part because I was drunk. Unfortunately mine aren't very easy to cover, so get a bit self conscious sometimes.

    GL with your new tat !


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