I haven't felt this feeling in so long.

It's been a few years since I've actually fallen for a girl. Don't get me wrong I see a lot of beautiful girls all the time but I never get that feeling. You know what I'm talking about. When you just feel like you're flying and nothing can slow you down or bring you down. When you smile just thinking of her. And when you hear a phone call or get a text and jump to see it because you think its from her. I'm feeling that right now.

The funny thing is whenever this happens it happens overtime. Like I'll see a girl and she'll seem average but then when I see her a few more times I notice all these beautiful things about her. Like how she looks more beautiful than every other girl in the vicinity even though she's not wearing makeup.

Like I said this rarely happens to me. Normally when I see an attractive girl I'll think wow she's really hot. But then every once in a while I'll see a girl and the word "hot" is the last thing on my mind. Beautiful is more like it.

I guess there's no question, I just felt like sharing lol.


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  • thats sweet. I love that feeling, it sux when it doesn't last forever though. but its awesome to enjoy


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