Would you steer away from a glamorous partner?

It happens with me, subconsciously. All the time... I somehow think that good looking people are proud, treat themselves like walking queens (or kings), and can be more difficult to deal with. Would you agree?


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  • I think it depends on the person. But yeah it is possible that very good looking people can be full of themselves or difficult to deal with. So can ugly people.

    In all honesty I wouldn't want a man who was a perfect 10. As long as he is reasonably attractive (to me, that's what matters) and has a personality, views, goals, etc that I like, that is what will make me happy with him. Plus sexual chemistry is not all about looks.

    Men are more into looks than women most of the time, or something. There is some double standard, like if a woman is with a much better looking man people will wonder if she's either rich or puts out. But if a guy has a prettier girlfriend people don't question it much as long as it isn't like an ogre with a stunning beauty.

    Most of the really attractive guys I know are a**holes, but most of them aren't "really attractive", attractive sure, but I am talking about exceptionally good looking ones, which are not my thing.

    I get your point. Unless they are the insecure type who has no idea they are hot. But that often changes with time.


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  • It depends on the person - like anyone else, you can't judge a book by its cover. Some beautiful people will have ego issues, some won't. I would judge the person underneath, not find excuses to stay away from someone just because they are beautiful or glamorous - that's just a small fraction of who they are and what they are about and if you are older, it's safe to say by that age a person probably has a bit more figured out than if they were teenagers or young adults.

  • no. some attractive people are like that, but not all. but I have a different set of issues completely when I find a flaw in someone like being overly proud blah blhah blah I usually imagine and create different issuses they have, which cause them to be the way they act, fore instance, secret insecurities, or anything else really. which makes me want to open them up and make them better and other stupid stuff...


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