Decide between two outfits, please?

Hi everyone, so I'm possibly seeing this gal tomorrow for the last time (she's moving to another country) and I know that "looks aren't everything", but "the clothes make the man", and I can't decide on whether to wear a red polo and leather jacket (black)...

Or... An Arizona Jean co. button down (snap buttons) that is plaid with light blue and brown stripes (couldn't find a pic on the 'net to save my life) and a blue vest (of the puffier variety).

I was originally planning to wear the red polo and leather since I personally like the combo, but she's seen me wear the button-down before and agreed that it helped bring out the blue in my eyes, and it's fall, which means it's time to break out the flannel, and I do love my vest.

Help me decide, please? Thoughts and opinions?
  • Brown/blue flannel with blue vest
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  • Red polo with black leather jacket
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Most Helpful Girl

  • i love leather jackets


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What Girls Said 3

  • I feel like you should go with the red polo and leather because you like the combo and if you feel hot, you look hot :) all about confidence

    • lol Well, red is the color of attraction, and I like the blue and all, but blue is a calming color. I like the flannel/vest combo too, but it almost seems a little too laid back, like if I were tail-gating with friends before/after a game, it would make sense, but if she and I end up going out or to dinner or something, it kinda seems like the polo is a bit classier... I dunno

    • It so seems like your feeling the polo, so don't double guess yourself! Just because she said that the flannel made your eyes pop doesn't mean she won't find plus sides to the polo! Who knows maybe she might not say it out loud but she could be thinking "damn that shirt fits juuuuust right on him" lol :D plus leather jackets are really in style recently

  • i love plaid. and flannel. and boys in plaid/flannel. not to mention it helps bring out your eyes...

    i vote for the flannel/vest combo! :D

  • lol cute.

    Go with the red shirt.


What Guys Said 2

  • If you want to impress her with you remembering what she said, brown/blue.

    If you want to impress her with your style, red polo with leather jacket.

  • red polo! it looks classic


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