Do Long Sleeve Plaid Shirts Look Great on Guys?

Here is an idea of the overall "look" I'm trying to pull off. My hair and body type are similar to his. link

Different guys fit different designs. So do you think plaid shirts are a great fit for this body type?

Please provide a link to a design you really like, and a design you really hate. Hopefully it gives me a good idea of what to buy.


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  • yes :D

    i like most types of plaid...

    maybe this is something you can avoid: link

    • I was actually looking at a style similar to that in dark blue. Thanks for telling me to avoid it. LOL.

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    • Ah, a nice informative response.

  • I loe plaid, so I'm biased. Most guys can really pull it off.

    I don't really hate any particular designs, and I tend to like all plaid, haha.

  • I'm a big fan of plaid flannel all the time, and just plain plaid most of the time. I think it's hot.

  • In general, yes, I'm for plaid on guys


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