When do you get new underwear?

I have a few pairs of underwear with holes in them and I still wear them but for bras I get new ones when the elastic gets loose. Some of my bras aren't good quality and break before they even make it to that point.

How long do you wear underwear until say it's time for some new ones?

I forgot which celebrity it was that never wears the same underwear twice, but that's very wasteful.


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  • I have a thing for underwear. I'm pretty sure I have at least 50 pairs. Every time there's a 5 for $25 at Aerie or Victoria's Secret and I have some extra cash I stop in and grab a few pairs.

    I wear underwear until it gets holes, loses the elastic, or otherwise falls apart. I'm the same way with bras as well, both the collecting of them and the wearing them down.

    • The underwear from VS and Aerie probably last a lot longer than the underwear I get.. I usually get my underwear from Target...you know the ones that come like 5 in a pack lol. I do have one pair of VS underwear that my aunt gave me and they're super nice I also have a few pairs from JcPenney and I used to think they were the most comfortable underwear until I got my Pink VS pair.

    • Yeah, they do last a lot longer. That's why I have about 50 pairs. I keep collecting them but very few get thrown out. I've had some pairs for about 5 years.

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  • I think you should buy a new set of lingerie when the feeling of sexy no longer hits you when you put them on, because wearing lingerie should boost your confidence slightly, when this effect dims, buy a new set, because you can always come back to your old pairs and feel it again after not wearing them for a while,

    • I don't buy anything sexy to begin with. I'm more of a comfort girl.

    • Well if it starts to become not as nice to wear, then go get another set, I don't think you can have to many sets really, and I wouldn't wear them until holes are in them lol, I mean it doesn't really matter, but its not the impression you want to give if your in your underwear in front of someone, so I would always try to keep a good set on, if they are holy lol, throw them and get some more, retail pherapy and all lol,x

  • I've had the same like, 8 sets of boxers since I was about 12. I wanted new ones, 'cos as yours they're getting holes and the colors fading, and the underlying color is BROWN, so it looks like I've f***ing SHIT MYSELF, but when I went to get them, I just looked at the price and thought... Holy f***ing god. That's TOO DEAR for f***ing underwear.


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  • Whenever I have a gift card for Victoria's secret.(: Or if for some reason they were all tearing up and I really just needed more but I don't seem to have that problem very much. And I've never had a bra break or anything yet, so we're all good in that department.

    • Consider yourself lucky honey. Last year I had one of my bra straps pop off in the middle of class.

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    • My boobs don't look that big but my cup size says otherwise (32c)

    • Mine are supposedly B in Victoria Secret sizes but they'd most likely actually be size A somewhere else lol. Ah well.:p

  • I get new underwear when I feel I get bored of mine, I know this will be stupid, but if my underwear are ruined in the wash I usually throw them out, even if its in perfect shape. I expect my bra and underwear to look perfect! with no holes or weird colors on them.

    • That's not stupid, I'm exactly the same way. I'm a perfectionist about everything, even my undies.

  • I wear em til I get holes or they're dirty/change color in the wash for some reason... but some underwear are too comfortable to throw out! DILEMMA

  • I go through a couple times a year and throw some out and get new ones to replace them. Some of them stay good for a while.

    I used to keep some for "period panties" but now that I have the IUD I don't get it anymore, so I can probably throw those out and just get new ones without worrying about them getting too bad.

    It also helps to get panties with a dark colored crotch.

    Bras, I just keep wearing and wearing until they break. The nude one I wear most of the time gets pretty faded and bad so then I replace it. Id like to have many different ones so that I can just trade off, but I don't totally have the money.


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