Are skinny fat guys a turn off?

are they? its when a guy is skinny but a little chubby at the same time, not much definition to their body.. basically like the average girl


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  • I wasn't aware that the average girl was "skinnyfat"... What a lovely description.

    • most girls don't have any definition

    • Maybe, but that doesn't mean they're "skinnyfat"... it certainly isn't a flattering term for EITHER gender... and to answer your question, no not necessarily, but some definition on guys is definitely nice.

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  • Ive dated guys that have skinny arms, skinny legs, but a chubby stomach and so they look fat and skinny but actually average, ill go for this guy if he dresses really well, looks good in what he wears and has broad shoulders and a chest, he has to look like he was once in shape or can get into good shape in a semi annual time, and I usually like a guy whose not as good looking as me, an ego thing, I like to walk in and shine for him

  • My ideal guy would have zero body fat and hardly any definition. So, no, I wouldn't call it a turn off, exactly...

  • No, not a turnoff.


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