How do people stop acne?

Alright I'm a 17 year old guy and I don't get a lot of acne just the occasional zits but I see a lot of guys my age without ever having acne. so what's the best thing to do to keep acne away and keep a clear face. Thanks to whoever can help :)


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  • (1) Wash the area regularly: You don't need to use anything too fancy, just the standard Neutrogena.

    (2) Work out: Studies show that building up a sweat (then showering afterwards) helps unclog pores from the bacteria that tends to build up and cause acne.

    (3) De-stress: The body tends to generate acne a a sign of distress. The answer is to DE-stress (yoga, deep breathing, a jog in the park, that sort of thing).

    If this combo doesn't work, go to a dermatologist as it's a sign of some other bacterial infection. Ditto if you have adult acne (after the age of 24).

    • I work out a little bit in my room not enough to build a sweat.. its hard for me because I'm a skinny kind of guy but when I get my licence ill buy a pass to a fitness place and it should be easyer that way and thanks for all the tips! :)

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    • Yay!

      For the redness there are a few different things, but that you really need to have a dermatologist recommend for you so you don't end up with spots or scars.

    • i herd like vitamin c or d worked but I'm sure it will just go away in the long run thanks so much for everything!

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  • do you exercise? start.

    do you eat right? start... food is a major cause trust me

    also, try clean & clear acne creme... I forgot the name but its a small tube and its like 7 bucks, and it works!

    or see a dermatologist :)

    • I exersise at home not a whole lot though and I don't really eat fruits and vegys and heathly stuff I have a high matabilsm so I eat practicly whatever I feel like to be honost since it wount effect my body at all.

    • well it affects your skin so try to eat a bit cleaner, it'll help you down the road as well :)

    • I will try thanks :)

  • Try to use proactive solution.I had a teribble acne before on my face.I used it for 2 months and yeah its effective for my skin.It is for all types of skin but the result probably would be different for some reasons.

    • i don't really want to pay 24$ for proactive and I don't even know if it would help me since its just a couple here and their.. but thanks for your comment :)

  • use a toner after washing your face and before applying lotion. the toner should either have 2% salicyc acid or benzoyl peroxide


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  • keep your face dry as possible as you probably have pily skin and that creates acne. That's what I did and I wish I would have known about that when I was in high school. carry like a little towel with you and wipe your face when you feel it oily. hope that helps

    • ive been washing my face like crazy when I get home from school and so far its been working it looks like.. but carrying a towel to school isn't something I would like to do ha ha but really thanks for the tip :)

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    • haha still if my friends saw me with that they would think I have a problem what about papertowels/ damp paper towels since I could always get that...

    • thats fine too lol

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