Your girlfriend's mom?

do guys really think that girls will look like her mom when she gets older? is it a factor when dating? for example if the girl you are dating has a not so hot mom but the girl is really hot would you assume the girl won't be hot when she's older?


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  • I think on a very wide scale, that most girls will look like their mothers when they get older.

    Not exactly like her, no, but mostly her features.

    Not saying that a female can't change her cards, but I think most girls fear being like their mothers.

    Its not a factor when dating at all. My girls mom is hot, but don't date her because of that.

    There are some features that I wouldn't mind my girl taking on from her mother, & there are some that I hope she doesn't take on.

    I think features are what makes you hott.

    Eyes, smile, skin complextion, and height.

    These things can't be changed without major change.

    So even if she gets bigger, I'll still love her face because its her features that make her cute.

    I hope this helped.

    Good Luck


    A Loving Black Man


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  • Is it a factor when dating no.

    To get an idea if the daughter is going to look like her mother you need to look at pictures of the mother when she was younger.

    If the daughter looks like her mom when she was about her age then yes she may look like he mom when she get older.

    In my family My sister will most likely look a lot like my mom but my mom looks nothing like her mom and her mom looks nothing like her mom.

  • of course not

    i mean if you have ALOTTTT of similarities together then it might b possible. Even then, you have to be like twins or something to look exactly right, and even that still won't be greatly effective, because it depends on the lifestyle you live also

  • No. I think that Biology proves that it took two different looking people to make the daughter. Turn to guys and tell them that their dad ages bad. Then ask them if their gonna age that bad. It'll change their way of thinking. But to answer your question, I think a lot of guys don't. I know I don't.

  • It is a good rule of thumb that if you want to know what your girlfriend will look like in the future all you have to do is look at her mom. Given the same lifestyle choices this is more true than not.

  • what else are we suppose to guess off of?


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