Who is the designer of the wrap dress Nancy Travis wore on Last Man Standing?

The gal who plays Tim Allen's wife had on a dynamite gray print wrap dress. I want to see about getting on like it for my wife. Help, please!


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  • Evrin Wrap Dress in Modern Paisley Red Silk jersey wrap dress with gathered front and skinny ties. Dress measures 20.5" 100% Silk. Imported. $365.00 this is the price in Nordstrom. Perhaps in Ebay or Amazon it may cost less.

    • Lisa, thank you for your awesome help. I'll shop around. My areas are sexuality, dating, relationships, and health (a little). If I can ever be of help, please message me here and I'll respond timely. Larry

    • Thanks, a lot Larry! I'm really glad that I could help u. Wish you all the best 2 you and your wife. As well, I hope she'll enjoy the dress.

  • Diane Von Furstenberg Evrin is the designer.

    • Many thanks for your help. Do you happen to know if this dress is available in the affordable retail market?

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