How do guys like things to proceed?

After you find a girl you like (or could start to like) and you've been drinking and she's been drinking, and you dance and kiss (softly mind you), how would you as a guy like to take things from there. If you have each others phone numbers...

What's the most natural course of action a guy would take after this kind of a night?

Phone quickly would you like things to progress and why?

Please explain!


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  • if the guy has game, he'll wait a few days to call or text you. 3-9 days depending on the guy.

    it's his job to call you first. you should call him back within 24 hours if you don't get his call.

    the date depends on his style. some guys like to setup proper old school dates a couple days in advance, some guys like to be spontaneous and invite you out that night. if you like him, you should accept and not flake out.

    you should let him kiss you on the first date, but don't have sex (maybe I'm a little old fashioned!)

    don't talk about your ex boyfriends or past sexual exploits. most guys don't like this. don't complain or criticize him either. keep it fun and light hearted.

    if he is smart, he will take things slowly, and see you once or twice a week.

    • The problem is, we kissed before, when I was tipsy and he was sober (he initiated everything)... We danced and we talked, and then after 2 weeks we went out on a date, we just talked, no kissing, just a light touch on the arm or a knee to knee contact... He opened doors for me and pulled out chairs, we had a very cute time! The problem is he told me (at the end of our date) that I should call him because he certainly won't call! I was shocked and asked why not?!? He told me he's

    • Not fun, that everyone dislikes him, and that I should call HIM! He is a bit depressive, and frustratingly flustered and phlegmatic! What does he mean by this?!?

      And he told me not to call him next week but the week after because he'll be busy...

      Is this just a very silly way of trying to tell me he wouldn't like to see me again, or that he could care less?!?

      (please read my question titled 'what does he really want from me'. It's about him so you'll get a better portray of him).

      Thank you =)

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