Two Mascara and eyeliner questions?

1)Has anyone ever used or know about any of these mascaras?


Lancome hypnose

Lancome hypnose drama

Lancome hypnose doll lashes

Maybelline full and soft

Loreal voluminous

if so please tell me their effect and how you liked them .

2) what is the best kind of brush to use for cream or gel eyeliner? I have a pointy maybelline one but I don't love it. I also have an angled flat brush from maybelline but the bristles aren't great. Would buying a higher end brush help or should I use a different shape brush, and what kind? Thanks. My liner is bobbi brown gel.


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  • ALL the Lancome hypnose ones are AMAZING. They are my absolutely favorite mascara ever. I like Diorshow, too - but to a lesser extent. Haven't tried those specific Maybelline/Loreal ones though.

    For gel eyeliner I use the handle of a thin brush (the wooden end of it). It's hard and easy to maneuver. Way easier than using bristles and you have better control.

    • What is the diff between the different hypnose ones in terms of look and effect?

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    • Thanks. If I may, what I like about dior is that my lashes look full but fan like instead of thick. I just wish they had a bit more oomph without getting too thick. So which lancome one would you advise? Thanks!

    • Doll lashes - it isn't very thick but it adds a lot of length

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