How to become sexy?

How does my cute friend become sexy? before telling me to ask her, I wanna say I'd be super embarrassed so that's why I'm asking you.

in our natural states (no makeup, natural hair, conservative clothes) me and my friend are cute. lots of people and guys especially have told us that. we have soft features and give off a sweet girl next door vibe.

when my friend gets dressed up she suddenly become very sexy. when we go out together guys are all over her. but I don't know how she does it.

i'm sure the tighter clothes have something to do with it but that's not all. she does something with her hair I think. her hair is naturally curly and it's still curly when we go out but it's different...if that makes sense. I also know she puts on some makeup but I don't know how she does it just so. it's not too much but it enhances her features and makes her look stunning.

where can I learn what she's doing exactly to go from cute to sexy? please give me resources!


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  • Sexy= Straight hair(blow out preferably), smokey eye makeup, clothing which accentuates your body shape & curves, clothing which shows off skin(they say show off either your top half or bottom half but never together), being in shape.

    Curly hair =/= sexy. In fact, it's been proven in multiple studies supposedly that curly hair is the least preferred by men and straight is the most preferred.

    Even if it is liked, most guys associate curly hair with being "cute" rather than sexy. But curly hair is often thought of as being masculine and less feminine. Curly hair also tends to be less healthy.

    I have curly hair too! So I'm not hating at all, just repeating what I've seen guys say (on here and other websites).

    Maybe she just screams confidence and sex appeal when she gets dressed and puts in effort. Part of being considered sexy is having confidence, just that spark.


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  • ask her to do the same with you,i always help my friends when they ask me how I do my makeup

  • Well a girl will automatically look sexier when she wears more revealing, tighter, shorter, etc. clothes, more dramatic makeup, heels, and sophisticated hair. It will make her look older and more sexual.

    Especially if she never wears makeup the rest of the time.

    • If you are really clueless (no offense), dark eyeliner (not too thick) and a lot of mascara looks very sexy.

      So does long hair that hits at least mid-back.

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