Do some guys really like chubby girls?

My boyfriend is relatively big himself, and I love him to death. But he keeps saying I dress too conservatively and he wants me to buy a mini skirt to wear around the house for him. I don't think I'm huge, but I definitely need to lose more weight so maybe a little above curvy. To give you an idea, I'm five feet tall and 175 lbs, but I jog and lift with him a little, so part of that is half-decent muscle. I'm not entirely comfortable in wearing something something like that, even though he's seen me in less... But I don't even wear shorts in the summer that go above the knees because I'm too self conscious. So I guess I'm just looking for advice. Am I being a prude maybe? I get so embarrassed and I can't help it, but I really want to please him. I want to cover up because I'm fat, but he says I'm not and wants to show me off even though I don't really think there's anything he'd be proud of. What should I do guys?


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  • A mini skirt! That's hot. And why not? He apparently likes what he sees when he looks at you.

    My wife won't wear a mini skirt either :-( and claims the discriminatory clothing manufacturers don't make hot bikinis in her size. I'd love to see a picture because you sound so awesome.

    It sounds like your boyfriend and I think alike in many ways. My wife is considerably taller than me and probably has 75-100 pounds on me but she dazzles me to know end. If you have someone special who loves you as you are, please try to accept it. I know, my wife finds it difficult too, that's why I can relate to your situation. There's so much influence on thin-ness and that may not always be healthy, and to some people, such as your boyfriend and I, not necessarily attractive. Long before we met I had been drawn to full figured women (on TV that includes Rosie and Roseanne). Don't sell yourself short. It sounds like he IS proud of you. Even if you can't accept yourself very well try to remember that there's a man who loves you as you are. That's more than some people can say. And that's special.


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  • 5'0'' at 175lbs? Ummm I don't mean to be a d!ck but... that's a little on the bigger side.

    He likes you enough and doesn't care though. Go ahead and try to make him happy for a day and see how it works out.

    • Actually she sounds REALLY hot. If I was a bit younger - and single, I'd date her.

      About my height too. Bonus.

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    • I downvoted because it was an unnecessary statement, seeing as she already said she knows she's big. No need to act like you're informing her of that.

    • @Ugliness- LOL, "she sounds"...I guess words are attractive.

      @Stitches-I agree...some people took this the wrong way...Blaxican made a matters on how the woman carries it... link that is an example...5'0" 170...

  • I wouldn't mind dating a chubby girl. It really just depends though how the weight is porportioned on you. It sounds like you are making it an effort to exercise which is good but it also sounds like you may be a little insecure about it. I think that is something you should work on, I'm not saying you should dress like what someonelse tells you to but you should be able to feel comfortable about the way you look. He obviously finds you attractive so that should be all that matters to you.

  • I like anything from petite to chubby. I don't really discriminate. You weigh as much as me and I'm 5' 9" so I would have to see how you carry the weight honestly. But yes, I do find chubby women attractive to an extent and I think other guys do too.


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  • Yes, some men are into chubby girls.

    Men have variety of some men might not be into chubby girls too.

    You already have a man...he loves need to feel self this point you should be more than content in yourself because you have a man that loves you for you.

    If he is proud of you and wants to flaunt should be flattered...don't worry about other is about you and him. :)

  • I don't think the thing is that he likes chubby girls, I just think he likes YOU :) Clearly he thinks you're sexy. Obviously you don't have to do it if you're not confident enough to, but maybe you should work on that confidence a bit :) Big Big Love by Hanne Blank is a reeeeally good book about "people of size" in relationships and sex.

    There ARE some guys who like chubby/fat/bigger girls *more* than average/skinny girls. There are also guys who like a wide variety of bodies and can appreciate just about any. I think that's where my boyfriend falls. I weigh a fair amount more than YOU and he honestly never hushes about how much he likes my body. We talked about it before and he says that size simply isn't a major factor in whether he finds someone attractive or not. I'm not sure why it was so hard for me to believe; I feel the same way about people *I* find attractive.

    Sorry for the rambling :P

    • You're so pretty though! There's no way you're bigger than me :x Thank you very much though. I'll have to look into getting that book <3

    • I really am haha, I weigh a solid 220. Plenty of people are fat AND pretty :)

  • I know exactly how you feel. I'm not comfortable enough with my body to be showing it off, yet my boyfriend always requests that I wear something sexy for him.

    I have yet to give into his requests, and he keeps pestering me, but I keep telling him that once I've achieved a nice body THEN I'll dress up (or technically down) for him. It actually works in my favor because he makes sure I eat right and work out when I should because he wants me to reach my goal so I'll start wearing sexy stuff?

    Perhaps pose it to your boyfriend on a reward premise?

    • The question mark at the end of the second paragraph should be a period. Sorry.

    • Maybe, lol. I don't mind rewarding him a little though, I don't expect him to do stuff for me so I'll return the favor. We're both trying to get into shape though, I'll ask him for a little more help on my part.

  • link

    I'm guessing those bodies are similar to your body type.

    I won't lie, you are overweight but I mean, you are in America and have the freedom to wear whatever the fudge you want.

    Some do, but most guys aren't chubby chasers.


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