Good doll eyes makeup?

I love the look of doll-eyes. Audrey Hepburn inspired but maybe a bit more natural.


What do you think of that look?

How would you get it-what products, etc?

Do you think it looks natural?

I try to base my normal makeup around it. I put brownish black eyeliner on top, usually cream, and between my top lashes. then a thin bit of it on the bottom, only by my bottom lashes not the rim, a few coats of fluffy mascara on top with curled lashes, and a tiny bit of it on the bottom too.

Then I finish with a light blush and either nude or slightly rosy lips.



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  • I'd go with creamy light pink and gold eyeshadows (those colors really bring out hazel or brown eyes) just to highlight a bit, line the eye with pencil liner, curl lashes and apply a little mascara, not a whole lot. I'd line the lips with a plum colored liner then fill in with a plum pink lipstick, then go over with either a clear or light pink lip gloss. She doesn't look like she's wearing blush, so I'd contour my cheek bones with a bit of bronzer. But if you really wanted blush I'd go with a light pink. All this really depends on your skin tone though.

    As for the look, its timeless, flawless and fresh.

    As to where to get the products, any drug store will sell what you need for this look if your looking for a more inexpensive way to purchase them. If not there's always areas in outlet stores where you can purchase more high end products. Hope this helps :)


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