Why do my looks change so often?

It is quite depressing that my looks change so easily and often. Just 5 months ago, I was a bit more in shape and looked more attractive than I am now. Now, my mom throws out insults regarding my appearance and she makes me feel like the most ugliest piece of sh*t that ever landed on earth.

I have trouble maintaining my weight and I'll easily gain weight where it shows up the most, in the upper regions of my body.

I am very depressed about my slow metabolism .

It also seems like my face will appear more attractive in some seasons of the year and sometimes it will look blah.

Because of my changeable appearance and sluggish metabolism, I have no friends or a social life and feel depressed.

It doesn't help that my mom won't let me join the gym for some reason, and its almost winter time! Its not like I can jog outside...

Anybody have similar experiences and find that your appearance changes frequently and is sensitive to the environment?


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  • It seems that the real problem is your brain. Stop blaming your body. Stop blaming your metabolism. You are the captain of the ship. Take control.

    You have the internet. You have access to YouTube. Find video blogs and fitness channels and learn what it means to be fit and active. It's winter, true. That's not enough to stop you. Home workouts are plenty effective. Get on it. Stop letting yourself down.

    Oh, and your mom is mean.


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  • Upper regions of your body? Like your boobs? That's not a bad place for extra weight to go. You're lucky!

    • Not when its your face that gets fat... And when your upper body gets bigger than your bottom half, its the worst...

    • You're right about the face part, but bigger boobs than butt is a good thing. I like the top heavy look.

  • Maybe its psychological ? a lot of people feel ugly in different periods of the year.

    • No its not my imagination. My mom tells me I look like crap and before, she used to compliment me on my appearance.

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    • Hah, no, def not jealous of me. I'm average looking -ish. She really does treat me better when I've lost weight and she treats me like crap when I gain weight.

      Although my sister thinks I look fine, my mother doesn't... I don't know whom I should trust.

    • You could post pics.

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  • No mom should talk like that to their beautiful daughter . Daughters are truly are a gift. Stand up for yourself next time she puts you down like that. If she is not going to help you build self esteem then shut her out. You are beautiful and good enough as you are remember that always . I am sad by what I heard.

    As for your physical appearance eat less. Stay away from sweets and fried food .

  • Show me your pictures, and I will tell you the truth.


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