OK without makeup and pretty with it?

Guys would you be OK with a girl being OK without makeup and pretty with it? when I'm not wearing any makeup and I wear my hair natural I have a couple people tell me I look cute and naturally pretty, but mostly they tell me I look plain, boring, and just OK.

but when I put on a little makeup (natural looking or emphasis on eyes) and style my hair they tell me I'm pretty.

i know no guy wants to find out a girl's ugly when she washes off the makeup but is OK looking but plain and boring suitable?

if you don't understand what I mean, people say I have "common features" (meaning not exotic and don't stand out) but with makeup I make certain features stand out which makes me prettier.


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  • I love good looking women, with or without make-up , when I like a girl also on the inside the whole package becomes more valuable and I don't care so much about make-up anymore. But make-up will def. work on getting noticed by us :) ( but subtle make-up , that's almost not noticable , otherwise it just looks plastic and fake and that's a turn off )


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  • Ignore all those fools who say they hate make-up!

    They just say so but look out in the real world - guys pay more attention to girls who wear more make-up!

    And it's true - at least some make-up makes a girl much prettier! Without it it's just... boring!

    Here guys act like women - they say one thing but do another thing!...

    ...saying one thing but doing something else is the Nr.1 thing men HATE about general behavior of women!

    Is truly the world coming to an end?

    • The only girls with makeup I pay more attention to are those who wear tons, and those I am disguted by. I can't even tell when a girl has makeup on. You avery wrong.

    • Learn how to spell, damn!

    • Finally a guy who knows what he's talking about.

  • I would have to have visual of you to make a definitive answer. I am generally not a fan of make up but I think that most males are OK with at least mascara which seems to enhance any individual. For me personally, I have very low tolerance towards cheek stuff: foundation, bronzer and such and completely & thoroughly hate & despise it. But my wife will go out wearing some rouge now & then...but not around the house and I can deal with that.

  • I prefer girls without makeup. Makeup makes someone look fake. Nothing is more beatiful than real beauty, and a girl who is confident in hersefl.

  • i prefer girls who don't wear make up. I think they always look better without it!

    • I don't think that's true. Nearly every girl looks better with a bit of makeup. It can bring out their nicest features.

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