Clothes they want the girl members to wear?

so basically there is this hip hop dance group and they were looking for other members so I tried out and thankfully they liked me.

but I noticed one thing, the kind of clothes they want the girl members to wear is like this:

what are you opinions on it?


and :



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  • That's pretty much the norm for dancing hip hop. If you don't want to dress like that, you're barking up the wrong tree by trying to get into any hip hop dance group.

    And yes it looks slutty. That's the point. As a girl dancing hip hop you're supposed to be only a pole and a bikini top away from being a stripper.


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  • My daughter used to do dance.

    The 14-17 year olds in most dance schools wear sluttier outfits then that. We went to the recital, some friends of ours their 15 year old son was there, I figure he probably was on the edge of creaming his pants.

  • I wrote a paper about this once. I wish I still had it, I'd send it to you


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  • if you have the body for it I don't think its a problem. dance/cheerleading outfits are always on the sexy side. it won't really be "slutty" because your wearing it for a purpose and not just going out randomly with it. it all depends what your comfy with

  • i like the second one but the first one reminds me of diapers

  • Those outfits seem pretty normal for a hip hop dance group. If you're not comfortable showing that much skin, you could always wear leggings/tights or maybe even ripped ones so it'll still look cool I guess would be the word...

    • no no I don't mind I go to the gym so body wise I look good in them but I just wanted to know if it looks slutty

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    • hmmm :/ okay

    • Agreed. As I said in my answer a hip hop dancer is only a few steps down from a stripper in the type of imagery they're meant to evoke.

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