Am I too childish to be girlfriend material?

my friends all see me as this little cute girlie girl and I am seen by others in that same way... is that a turn off? If so how can I be seen less childish?


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  • nawww! I'm childish and guys still love me. even if its because I'm so damn cute(personality) :(

    you can't really be seen less childish...if you tried, then you aren't being yourself :(

    most guys I know tend to date the cute girls. usually the cute girls who are open and can be freaky. they can still get away with everything because theyre so damn cute lol

    all my bfs and friends love how I can be easily entertained, making funny faces make me giggle. but what my bfs don't like is when I buy baby/kiddie stuff. at first they say its so cute, and tell me to buy it. but then when I wear it...they wish I wouldve wore something more feminine :(

    • If they told you to jump off a bridge would you do it?

      Sometimes guys say things we don't actually mean. We're just making you feel like you would be cute...not that you actually would be (more about the idea than the actual event itself)

    • well that's like guys telling a girl she looks pretty today when he didn't really mean it. she just looked PRETTIER, still not pretty enough though.

      guys say things they don't mean 90% of the time lol

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  • Sadly you can't...if you're born with that trait there's nothing you can do. So the best you can do is...well, just be yourself. If that fails, then well, just try your best to 'act your age'.

    Personally lots of guys like 'cute girlie' girls (I think) - and honestly most guys act like kids too sometimes, so you should be alright. As long as you're not too clingy to them and fun to be around with, I can't see why anyone wouldn't want to have you as a girlfriend. :)


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  • Do drugs and have sex. NO, I'm joking.

    Date guys at your mature level.


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