Makeup help for yearbook photos? Please?

Next week are my college graduation yearbook photos.

Anyhow I have some questions on makeup and would really appreciate some help.

1) I usually wear brownish black eyeliner, black for special occasions. Either way I wear mascara in black. Should I go with my normal every day eyeliner or the slightly darker one? I hear that makeup may look lighter/more washed out in professional photos than in person?

2) Is eyeshadow really essential? I have shadowy lids and don't really love wearing eyeshadow, I feel like I'm not good at it.

3) With eyeliner,I generally put a line on top and then a thin one by my bottom lashes. Think Lauren Conrad but I don't do it so winged or thick by the corners. Do you think this will look good for photos? It always tends to look good to me..

4) What do I do for lips? I think clear gloss is too plain, would a neutral lip color that just adds a little bit of a darker tint be good?

5) My skin is clear, do I need to put anything over it? I never really wear foundation or powder, in fact I don't have any right now. Should I buy some, would just powder be okay? Or can I skip all that? I don't want to look cakey.

Thanks for the help!


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  • 1. The eyeliner you have now is fine. A black color could stand out a little more, but a little goes a long way.

    2. No. Although I'm not sure what a "shadowy" lid is.

    3. You mean you put liquid on the top -and- bottom ? If you do, then switch to a pencil for the lower waterline. Lauren Conrad's make up is usually very natural to begin with. Looking at her past pictures, she uses foundation, eyeliner, mascara, nude/light pink lipstick, and a highlight for her brow. Sometimes I'll see her with very neutral eye shadow and a pop of color of her lips. (BTW, I love her.)

    4. That depends on what you want to do with your eyes. If you want very basic eye make up, then you can add a pop of color to your lips. Not necessarily red or some other outrageous color, but something that will make your lips stand out a little. This concept reverses if you decide to play up your eyes. Also, save the darker colors for going out at night.

    5. No, you don't need to buy foundation, especially since you say you don't need it. Just cleanse and moisturize your face, drink plenty of water, and get sleep.

    Here are some samples:

    link A touch of eye shadow, mascara, small amount of blush, and pink-colored gloss.

    link The eye shadow would not be a look I'd use for a school photo, but her cheeks have a touch of blush and her lips are almost a peachy color.

    If you need help with techniques, go to YouTube. It has so many great tutorials on there for girls to try.


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  • Wear the kind of makeup you always wear. If you want to wear the darker colors, that'd probably be fine! and no, I don't think you need eyeshadow, and a subtle tint on the lips would be the most you'd need.

    You'll want the photos to look like YOU not a made up version of you. I'd say skip the makeup on the face, regardless of what you do; if it's not perfect, you'll be able to tell in the pictures.

  • Do what you normally do. You want your photo to look like you!


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