NYC Dating and Hooking up - a bit terrified by it?

I recently broke up with my "girlfriend" (almost wife) of 10 years, I'm in my early 30s make decent money for NY standards, good looking, smart etc But I have never dated in NYC and haven't dated at all in 10 years! Having been with the same girl for so long for now I just want to go out and hook up for a bit, and eventually find a long term relationship. However I'm terrified by what I hear about both hook ups and dates in the thing that scares the sh*t out of me is that I'm not too well endowed down there, I'm smaller than average, not tiny, but small...

Thoughts on the situation in general? Suggestions? I think for dating I should be OK, but what about hook ups?


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  • Well,if you're just hooking up and having one night stands,you will only be seeing that person that one time so no need to be worried.Also,its not the size but it's how you WORK it.Making sure that you get pleasure as well as your partner.Everyone has concerns about their body,but you souldnt worry about it.Its just not THAT important.In the heat of the moment I doubt that would be an issue.


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