Long or short hair?

Do guys really prefer long hair on a girl?

Is that why I don't get hit on anymore? I cut my hair a little bit beneath shoulder length because I have a very nice neckline and I figure the shorter the better. I kind of regret it now becauase my boyfriend keeps telling me he misses my long hair and when I go out guys barely notice my face, just my body.


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  • I've heard that too! :O I think most guys actually do prefer long hair, but that definitely doesn't make it impossible for short-haired girls to get dates.

    I kind of go through phases with my hair. I grow it out until it seriously bothers me, then I cut off 10in. and donate it to Locks of Love, then I miss my long hair and grow it out again, only to get annoyed with it and chop it off again. I donated my hair last summer without consulting my boyfriend at the time... he dumped me a month later but it was unrelated. :P Now I'm still growing it out... hopefully I'm gonna keep it long this time because I have a hairstyle I actually want to keep!

    Okay you didn't need to know all that. XD I'm sure your boyfriend will adjust! Just show off that nice neckline of yours!


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  • I have to admit that I prefer hair to beat least shoulder length

    • Well...I mean everyone has their preference.

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    • If it looks like a guys haircut then ok...absolutely understandable. Mine is the opposite. I was just tired of the long hair down my back. I wouldn't do a mohawk or spikes...not my style.

    • Good I'm sure you look better without them

  • some girls I find pull off shorter hair but not a ton your boyfriend also prefers your long hair because that is what he is used too on you and people don't like change a lot


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  • they do prefer it. numerous studies have been done where most guys have said they like long hair on girls more

    • I know that but long dead hair isn't very appealing either if you ask me.

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