Urban Decay Naked Palette?

Just decided to purchase this palette after some thinking. Costs a lot though, but I think it's worth the investment. Does anyone have any suggestions for everyday looks? Nothing from YouTube please, seen them and doesn't look good on me. by the way I have mono lids.


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  • It's really worth it. I can't go out without that pallette since I use it for my everyday look. I really can't explain to you what look to use since I watch a lot of Asian Youtube videos.

    This gal has her own YouTube channel, you can choose to watch her or not but I've always thought she gave great advice about how to put on makeup for girls with monolids:


    lol if I knew what you actually looked like, I could do a quick sketch for you so you can get an idea how to apply it. (my sister has monolids and I put her makeup on all the time)

  • i have monolids as well

    this is my favorite blog


    for getting makeup ideas


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