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Ok,Everyone I'm just a simple guy.

And I don't know a thing about fashion.

I had someone tell me I needed to update my shirts.

Because most of my shirts are stripped polo shirts.

Is true or false that gay men wear stripped polo shirts?


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  • "Is true or false that gay men wear stripped polo shirts?"

    Don't worry about that.

    I can tell you this much, if you're trying on clothes and part of you thinks "i'm not sure about this," then don't buy it.

    When you put on a shirt and you smile because you like what you see, that's a good shirt. Otherwise, just buy some white tees and call it a day. Other than that, bring a girl with you. It makes life that much easier.

    Dress your age too, I have no clue what 36-45 year old guys look like but I'd imagine an image that says "experience and stable" is an ideal goal to get the women wondering.

    Good luck, keep the receipts.


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  • gay men wear pants too.

  • I don't think it really matters honestly. Wear what your frikin want and what looks good on you and don't worry about looking gay or not.

  • Gay men wear all kinds of shirts, they're QUITE stylish, ha ha!

    Just check out some men's magazines to see what's up and definitely dress according to your own personality...i mean, if you're a golfer type of guy, then I guess you're wearing what you're wearing. don't try too hard to look like a 20 year old, though. Sorry, just being honest :-)


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  • I agree with T-G, shopping with a girl is about as helpful as it comes.

    And I never heard that about wearing polo shirts. And leave yourself a few minutes and try on the shirts in the dressing room and if you bring a girl with you, that's a good time for an opinion, lol. That way you don't have to drive back to the store if you don't like the shirt you by. You don't have to buy it in the first place.

  • it REALLY doesn't matter what gay guys wear HOWEVER they really do have an incredible sense of style, just ask any woman.

    find colors that flatter your skin tone, make sure you REALLY get great shoes (esp since women notice thos first)...its always ok to be a little OVER dressed than UNDER dressed, and just make sure that your belt always matches your shoes!

    oh, and ps, NO white socks with dress shoes or eeven god forbid sandals

    as for updating your shirts, I suggest checking out GQ, or google mens style

  • i wera polo shirts, and I'm straight

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