Who do you think has it worse - ugly men or ugly women?

I'd say women. There are a lot of ugly girls in the military. And I couldn't get over how unbelievably cruel a lot of guys talked about them. Apes and pigs were treated with more respect >.<


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  • definitely ugly women. a stack of vogue magazines and billboard advertisements are enough to make an attractive woman feel bad about herself. ugly women have it hard just trying to look their best. it differs for ugly men because sometimes if they are unattractive they could be described as rugged or manly. it's a double standard but there you have it. But there's a chance for everyone... because beauty is in the eye of the beholder...but if a women thinks she's ugly and she gets that sort of reaction then she will have it harder mentally and physically.


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  • Women, Men get judged for their looks too but not as much as we do. You guys can make for a lack in that department with confidence, intelligence or humor, for us that's harder

  • Ugly woman Without doubt.

  • I think it is more of an individual thing because women can do so much to make themselves look better and if they choose not to then I guess they don't put that much of their worth into their looks. They are more concerned about their intellect or talents or whatever is important to them. I admire that.

    Ugly guys sometimes don't get that looks do matter even for a guy and then they get upset when they can't the hot girl or any girl for that matter.

    So I think it depends on at is important to that individual and how much they understand how their looks are affecting what they want in life.


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  • Women.

    Men are judged on their looks, but less then women are. There are other areas where men are judged more strictly.

    • where are the other area's where men are judged more strictly, I would love to hear you answer :)

    • The biggest one is money, especially as you get older. Not that many guys say 'I met this great girl, but she's just an XYZ'. In fact, the kinds of jobs men and women are praised for are different. A woman who takes some job that involves helping children and pays 20k a year, that's lovely, how wonderful, and who cares it only pays 20k, cause she can marry a lawyer.

      I'd say men are probably also judged more harshly on ability to be outgoing, sexual skills, ability to handle stress, etc.

  • Ugly women for sure.

  • If we're talking just sex, men have it worse. Ugly women can go to a bar and get sex tonight if they wanted. If we're talking about relationships, men, I guess. I mean, if the guy has a decent amount of confidence and money, he could pick up a girl. I don't know if it would be a meaningful relationship or not, but a relationship nonetheless.

    • I meant to put "If we're talking about relationships, women, I guess."

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