Girls do you agree!?

Ok It hit me like a ton of bricks the other day... why do we always try and please guys! I mean I was reading some posts (some mine the ones I wrote) and it sounds... I hate to say it pathetic! Why should we change for some guy or to please guys in general? Why give him the time of day when he doesn't give a shit enough to call us? we stress about every little thing when obviously they don't have the decency to let us know what he’s feeling or whatever, or even do a small thing like call to ease or mind . I mean we took the time to come on this site to figure out why a guy hasn't called but he can't even do a simple thing like pick up the phone? That’s not right. Also if we want to wear something we should wear it? You like uggs? You like heels? You like dressing in sweats or getting dressed up? Whatever it is! We should wear whatever we want! God, why change are self’s? To please a guy? Who wouldn't accept us for who we are in the first place? What a catch! In the long run we lose who we are and how sad is that? If you like it that’s all that matters! Right? we have to believe (trust me I’m working on this too cause guys always Know exactly what to say to make you feel your in the wrong or that its our fault or maybe he’s different or maybe I’m… whatever the excuses! It’s not fair to our feelings! And we can't forget who we are in the process. eventually there is going to be a guy who excepts us for who we are (I’m trusting that myself that the right guys is out there trust me this is new for me too I also don't want to sound preachy and I apologize if it came out that way I’m also writing this to vent about what I’m going through and I would assume I’m not the only one so yeah) we need to stay ourselves first and foremost the right guy will except us for who we are and we all need to trust that (me included) haha thanks for reading this! We girls need to stick together am I right? Haha!


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  • For a girl there is some naturall intense in her whole heart and soul and body to please the person whom she loves!

    For exemple,i would love to make food for my husband who arrives home tired from work,or buy some sexy underwear to have a bit fun with him.

    But I agree with you what you wanna say...First thing is that every girl should wear those high heels or make-up or etc just because of herself,not because other people or guys.! XD

    Pleasing a guy sexually,or in every other way,it's so good,but only if he gives you the same pleasure back.Then it calls-good relationship :)


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  • Yes I agree.

    Too many girls -- most girls? -- are hugely insecure.

    They think that having a man in their life will make them feel secure. And they end up compromising themselves -- in many ways -- simply to keep a man in their life.

    • A tip I used to stop being clingy in relationships, and that I think many girls could benefit from:

      70-80% of your energy goes towards your own life: goals, career, exercise, schooling, etc.

      20-30% of your energy goes into a relationship.

      This way you're independent, and if the relationship goes sour it doesn't feel like your life's crumbling.

  • In the defense of some guys, it works both ways. Why are WE expected to pay for everything? Why are WE expected to change our habits and tidbits to please women? Why are WE always expected to do the calling? Why are we to blame when we can't read a girl's mind about where we screwed up when it could've been something as stupid as forgetting to remember her favorite brand of lipstick?

    • I wasn't talking about all guys. Just mostly the assholes that use us.1st you should know that all of us don't expect guys to pay for everything I certainly don't. I think it should be equal! But guys who expect us to pay beginning of dates in my experience take advantage of that. I'm talking about the guys that don't give a shit to take us out and just want to "hang out". guys need to call us. we need to see what your true intentions are? Find out if you really care about us or after 1 "thing"

    • And I'm not saying it's all women. I'm just simply trying to point out that us men have our little tidbits as well and that double standards exist on both sides

  • A girl changing to please me would bore me. I like a girl with her own style and personality traits, self confidence and her own quirks :)

  • cause if you like that guy, and he likes you in certain things, ur gonna want to please him to get him right?

    if you don't like doing what he likes you in, move to the next guy, simple as that


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  • Yes! You are so right. Guys have way too much power when it comes to relationships... well screw that. I hate guys that do that... and you're right they are so not worth it!

    • Haha o good I'm not the only one! I just read a book and it opened my eyes. its hard to step back and look at it when its you and go god... he's such an asshole lol. but when its someone else like a friend sometimes your like god she can do better why is she with him? its so hard! but I'm learning and just wanted to see if I was the only one haha. thanks again! so appreciate you saying something! really!

    • Personally I don't want that power and I don't want to date any girl who would allow me to have it.

  • I'm so glad you wrote that! More girls should focus on being happy with themselves and stop being so desperate. It's sad. If you want to make a guy happy make sure he is worth it first.

  • I completely agree with you.

    When it comes to pleasing a guy, we do all odd sorts of things.

    We act crazy.

    We'll go any lengths to be their sole focus.

    But the reason is that we are so blinded by love that pleasing them becomes our only aim.

    The fear of loosing them triggers weird behaviour in us.

    After all who wants to be left alone ?

    And assuming that he should love me for what I am and not how I look is like asking owls to sleep during day.

    Accept the fact that men are that way.

    • I agree with you with the fact it sucks to be alone! Trust me I totally agree it sucks big time!!! But shouldn't we make ourselves happy first? How can we be in an honest, loving, and happy relationship when we don't feel that way about ourselves? Its just a recipe for disaster.

    • Lets face it that if I dress his way will make me a lot less unhappy than he dumping me.

      I suggest just weigh the one that saddens you the most and act on it.

      Sometimes rooting out the most troublesome pain lightens us up.