Is department really much better makeup than drugstore?

Do you think that you can find a good version of most kinds of makeup in the drugstore? Or only department/Sephora?

I hate spending too much money on makeup.

I can find great lipcolor, under eye base, eye shadows, mascara, blush, bronzer, and brushes for makeup in drugstore brands.

I can find decent to passable (but never found one I am in love with) eyeliner and eyebrow pencil. But I think the reason I can't find these in drugstores is because they don't sell my color. I like gel liner and I can only find black or brown and I need a brownish black. And my eyebrow pencil is also a specific color and all the drugstore ones have always been much lower quality and the wrong color.

I definitely can't find the right concealer or foundation at the drugstore though. Same with lash curler and setting powder.

What about you guys?


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  • Hands down.. brand name cosmetics are far better than drugstore cosmetics. If you worry about costs, there are so many sites on the internet that sells their stuff for clearance. If you need some help with that, message me.

    In my opinion, I rather spend money on brands that I trust and are natural. The drugstore cosmetics can actually cause more harm to your skin than you think.

    • Even eyeliner?

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    • right now, sephora is having a special 20% off everything... you might want to take advantage of that lol. I had to save up my money to get my months supply so I could save money on things.

    • anyway, I'm online. Go ahead and message me on meebo about more information. I'll try to give you little tips on other products so you can save money

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  • It depends.

    At the department store, they can match your colors a bit better to your skin tone. However, with things like lip gloss, eye liner and mascara, its not totally necessary and you can get those at the drug store.

    Ive lucked out and found some pretty good foundation via the drug store.

  • Not necessarily. I love Maybelline's Colossal mascara because it's the only one that works for my super curly eyelashes. But I prefer department store eyeshadow because of its quality. I actually got an allergic reaction to one of Revlon's eyeshadow. And I think it's better to try on concealer and foundation since you can't really tell how a drugstore brand will match your skin.

    Overall, it's what works best for a person.

  • I like revlon and I don't think that there is a big deal between department and drugstore brands, that's just my opinion.

  • drugstore makeup isn't bad at all, some actually work better with my skin than the expensive ones.


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