Girls, what would you do if your boyfriend..?

Few days ago I was walking with my girlfriend and she saw me looking at other girls,

she asked me if at her I would look so too.. I told her honestly that maybe , depends, that she isn't maybe most beautiful girl but it doesn't matter

I didn't think she may react so , I saw tears in her eyes, and still she is upset,

is this really so big matter? what would you do if your boyfriend say so?


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  • whoa dude you'll have to do a lot to make that up to her. I'd also end up crying. Every girl wants to be beautiful and wants to believe she's the most beautiful girl as well. When you have a boyfriend you hope you are his everything as he is to you and that he thinks your beautiful just the way you are and here you go and openly declare she's not really the most beautiful girl to you. Most girls have confidence issues and now she'll probably just feel worse about herself. If my boyfriend said that I would be VERY upset and cry my eyes out cause it would make me feel super insecure like he doesn't want to be with me in the first place. Yes it is a big matter and I hope you plan on apologizing or saying something nice to her.


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  • I wouldn't be with a guy who wasn't smart enough and respectful enough to be descreet when he checks out other girls then be smart enought to lie and say something like she is not as hot as me to show he cares about my feelings. I do that when my boyfriend catches me looking at hot guys and yes I am descreet about it but sometimes we all get caught.

    How would you feel if she said that to you? You're not as good looking as that guy over there but it doesn't matter.

  • Of course it's a big deal. Think of how you would feel if she told you that you weren't a good looking guy. Everyone wants to feel that they look pleasing to their significant other and now she feels bad because she doesn't think that you like the way she looks. If you care about her, then there must be something beautiful about her like you like - whether it's her eyes, her hair, or whatever. Tell her about those beautiful pieces that you like and why they're so beautiful to you. That's how my boyfriend makes me feel special and beautiful, by detailing exactly what he likes about me even though I know I'm not even close to being the prettiest girl.

  • i can't figure out what exactly your asking...

    so you looked at another girl...and she asked you something about it...n then you told her she may not be the most beautiful girl but it doesn't matter?

    if that's what you said, that was a bad choice of words to say to her...ur supposed to reassure her of why you like her and how she's beautiful to you.

    guys and girls in relationships are always gonna LOOK at other ppl...but making it so obvious and then sayin something like what you said, wasn't very wise and is never a good feeling for the other person

    • "i can't figure out what exactly your asking..."

      glad I'm not the only one...

  • Flowers, candy, chick flick. Sorry bro.

  • Dump him.


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  • Its human nature that you are going to look at others, but your wording to her was bad. Don't bring her or comparisons into this, avoid them all together if she asks. In this situation, you should of just joking said yeah, that girls sort of cute I guess?


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