Why is it a tradition that women wear skirts?

My first thought was that it was supposed to be more modest but if you think about it even long skirts probably look more arousing than trousers.

Also during most times of history women used to work a lot too and isn't it simply more practical to wear pants, no matter what kind of work you are doing?


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  • Actually, the issue is that both men and women once wore robes or toga type things.

    However, as you pointed out, pants work better for working. So men switched to pants.

    However, women worked at things that didn't require pants, because it wasn't hard labor.

    Thus men wore pants, and women stayed with what they always wore. A woman wearing pants was a woman who was saying she was doing work that a man should be doing.

    From there the woman wear versus men wear thing gets more complex due to cultural reasons for clothes.


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  • 1. So they can't run away from men

    2. So their genitals are easily accessible, just hike up her skirt

    3. To allow better ventilation _down there_

    4. To visually distinguish women from men

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    • Maybe women just traditionally -preferred- wearing skirts then.

    • 5. To pee easily in outdoor

  • I don't think that it's a tradition, but it is a type of style. It looks pretty, it's great when dancing. Plus, it's easier for men to get under there, and take your panties off when it's time.

  • Typically they wear them to look "nice". But women tend to expose more skin and provide easier access, when they're horny or menstruating..skirts allow for this, so that's why they do it


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