Guys what is a turn off in a girl?

Guys if you fell in love with a girl that always wore makeup and ten you see her with no makeup is that a turn off?


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  • When a girl INSISTS of sitting back, sending 10,000 signals she thinks are obvious, yet only a genius would be able to figure them out, and she waits to be asked out, then just says no like that. Not caring to how he feels, I mean...COME ON! It really Pisses me off that girls do this, yet if you say that men should be payed more for jobs or whatever, chances are she will disagree, yet she insists of being asked out, so much for 'equal rights', and when girls complain about 'why won't he ask me out' (There are loads of questions like this on here) Isn't it obvious?

    Girls. If you like a guy, YOU go ask HIM. Its simple, if he wants you bad enough, he might come get you, it takes a lot to ask someone out, so if he isn't doing so, and you like him, you go get him. Simple as.

    Rant Over.


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  • I know a lot of women have self esteem issues but why not dress casual with no makeup and see if guys are interested. You know that if you get all dolled up, he will still be interested. It is rather discouraging since you won't let him touch you when you look near perfect though.

  • you know girls don't need make-up they are beautiful without it. The way I see it is that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and God sees us as beautiful in his image. So if you put on a lot of make-up then you're destroying God's creation

    • A lot of make-up means destroying god's creation? Hahahaha... what the fuuuuuck...

    • I assume she's not trying to date or seduce god so it's not really relevant what she looks like in his eyes :p

  • if she follows horoscopes as if it was her life

    or even worse cosmo

  • No, that would not be a turn off. She might look prettier with it, but its not going to turn me off.

  • Personally I find it attractive here because it gives me (a guy) to focus on the inner beauty and see if the girl is just attractive in the inside as she is on the outside. This makes a great test for us guys too and see if are are attracted to you emotionally not just physically because inner beauty reflects inward and goes outward.

    Think of it like a thorn on a bush. When you see that you think how ugly and harsh it is, but as it evolves it becomes branch. That branch turns into a bulb and blooms into a beautiful rose.

    Most importantly if you're lucky? The guy may find a way to get your opinion and compliment your intelligence or quote you. Making him a real keeper!

  • I likely would be turned off by the makeup and, after having seen her with no makeup, might decide she was worth getting to know...(:

  • Very likely yes... make-up really makes a girl prettier no matter what guys on this site may tell!

    So without it there are great chances she won't look that awesome and that leads to decreased attraction!

    Of course if the girl is genuinely, naturally pretty, that won't make any impact, but such girls don't require much make-up to look stellar!

    It's the same if you've always been driving with a car with automatic transmission and do great, but then you try with manual transmission and wow - you start to suck in myriad ways!


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