Do you enjoy aggravating other people? If so, what's ur favorite tactic?

If ya got a good story to tell, tell it hurr...

I usta love to embarrass people in public. That, or shock people into silence...


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  • I like being a courteous douchebag. For example, we were at work changing out all the tables (I work at a restaurant) at 2AM. The restaurant closes at 9 PM. So we have all the tables in pieces on the floor and we're all in dirty clothes with power tools in our hands and some guy comes in and asks if we're open. My reply: "If you can find a table that's fully assembled, clean, and has food on it sure!" When he started leaving I called out "Hey buddy can you check if my sign on the door says CLOSED or OPEN?" (we hang a sign on the front door at eye level saying open or closed)

    • Courteous douchebag....

    • That's the term I've created for it anyways. I try to sound nice and courteous while making them feel like a complete idiot at the same time

    • Ok... kinda like that 'cocky/funny' crap I hear about on tv... that's a good term, the Courteous Douchebag. When I was yung, they just cursed at us and said we was a 'smart@ss'....

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  • i'm only mean to people who are mean to me and I can be a bitch if I have to to get someone to understand I'm not a push over or anything. I look soft spoken but far from it


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  • I enjoy it when they aggravate me. I like make smart remarks and use big words (adds to the fun). Somewhat like the "courteous douchebag." If they decide to start before me then I interrupt them. I was on the Forestry contest team in FFA last year and we were at practice in an area with a lot of big sycamores and I said something about how sycamores are big. Then my adviser cuts in with, "Oh yeah..." So I smart off with "Yeah. Except when they're small." He couldn't come up with a retort so he just called me dumbass for the rest of the contest season. I thought it was hilarious.

  • only my brother cause he is a big asshole... I just lip him till he wants to fight me... he acts like he is tough... he is 4 years older than me and thinkshe is tough... I jsut want to drop him hard so he will shut his mouth haha

    I dont' really enjoy aggravating others though... I am a pretty chillin guy and I like everybody to have peace and a good time.

    • Very funny!!!

    • Lol, I do what I can haha

      it's usually when he has been drinking... he's a real son of a bitch ahah

    • Hahahahahahahaaaaaa!!!!! I usta love to cracc on people in public. It's just something about pissing a gul off and getting cursed out over some wild comments you made.... lol

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