I want to get my belly button pierced...

girls who have their belly button pierced answer this! do you like it? does it get infected easily? does it hurt? would you recommend getting it?


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  • it does hurt. make sure you eat something beforehand though, that's important


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  • Had mine for about 4 years. I didn't hurt me AT ALL however, afterward it did start to ache a bit.

  • yes, I like it. I've had it for about 7 years.

    If you keep it sterile and tend to it appropriately, you shouldn't have any problems. Mine healed flawlessly.

    Yes, it hurts - but only for a second. I had the cartilage of my ear done and that hurt WAYYYYY more.

    If you want to get it, go for it. As mentioned, eat something before hand to counteract any nausea you might feel.

    • i have a really low pain tolerance and when I got my second piercing on my ears done I thought it hurt so do you think its going to hurt a lot for me?

    • Uhm, yes. LOL. It definitely hurts more than the skin part of your ears. But it's superrr quick, and not very invasive cos you're on your back and it's just more comfortable.

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