Define: thick girls. What do you think?

define thick, is it good to be. what about super thick? are you one? would you date one?

what do you think about them?

could you include pics?

are there any famous people like that? could you name them?

I just want to know because I get called it a lot. And I really don't have a clear understanding.

please just try to answer one.
what is nicki minaj?


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  • Being thick at least in the black community, Is a women that has nice curves In the right areas( her ass & t*ts) with a slim waist. Super thick is the same thing but just having a lot more to go around. I love a women with curves so my answer is yes to dating them.

    Famous people well...Kim Kardashian, Coco(Ice T's wife), Buffy the Body & etc.


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  • Kim Kardashian would surely be called "thick" Almost every guy on the face of the planet appreciates that. Trust me it's a good thing.

  • Thick is a girl who is curvy but not fat. She has big thighs (could also be muscular), a big butt, and her hips are significantly larger than her waist. She probably has big boobs too, or at least medium sized.

    Kim Kardashian.

    It is the type of build you would find more often on black/Latina girls.

    I think guys find it sexy!


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