Do you agree with physical enhancement through surgery or natural methods?

1.If you dated a person who had physical enhanced a part of their anatomy through surgery or natural methods, how would this effect your feelings for them? Or perception of them?

2.Also this being in a relationship

3.What procedures or physical enhancement (state surgical or natural methods) would effect your outlook on the person the most and why?

4.Would you undertake physical enhancement to a body part? Through either of these methods... please state, and the body part.

5.How would you compare a person who has your preference of physical appearance (which every region of the body) naturally, to those who have had surgery to obtain that appearance and those who have naturally enhanced that region of their body to appear that way?

What would you think of all three different scenario's? And how they obtained the appearance of that region that appeals to you?

Just curious of different takes on physical attraction and how people full fill there insecurities of appearance through these methods, as well as how people think about these people in comparison to those who have that specific appearance naturally.

Also rate yourself on attractiveness of the region, if you say you would undergo a method to change your appearance in that way to increase your attractiveness in your perception.

Thank you for your patience and Be honest with your answers :)


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What Girls Said 1

  • Well since I'm a female, I would find any surgical changes a guy had to be a big turn off. I don't want a fake guy, who is more worried about his looks the me. Any facial surgery would definitely be a deal breaker, then again, any surgery that wasn't necessary would turn me off.

    I would never have plastic surgery or change anything about myself, I'm not completely happy, but I like that I'm unique. I wouldn't want surgery to try and make me look like a barbie or some blueprint of the 'perfect girl'.

    I think I would lose a little respect for the person who had the surgery, they should be happy with what they look like. Its not natural to change yourself that drastically.

    • Hmmm. Well you do make a valid point. But does that go the same for natural methods?

What Guys Said 1

  • Whatever makes you happy.


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