Should I just not care and tone everything down?

Hello everyone, I just want to say I think I really have bad luck with the opposite gender. See I'm a well groomed Guy, I have a nice body, handsome face, I dress very nice, I'm very approachable, I have a great personality, I make people laugh and have a good time. I even know I'm a good catch but its just I feel my luck is very bad, its like I have all the things girls want in a man but I'm cursed not to get them At all. And don't say I'm too much of a nice Guy or whatever, I stand up for myself all the time. I dress nice and expensive because I want too. But my point is should I just not give a f*** about being high maintenance and dress like a plain Guy, should I even care about being well groomed? Because it seems the guys who don't care about that get girls. So can all of you guys and girls help me out?


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  • well there is such a thing as overdressing. its like an interview. imagine you see some guy in a suit at the grocery store. its not very approachable. first of all you think he's probably just out from work really tired or he's off to somewhere important, while here's me looking kinda gross just getting the groceries as usual. also if you're really worried about women not liking your appearance, maybe you should just approach them and talk to them. that could break the ice and maybe then they won't just be judging you. though really to me it just sounds like you never really meet women, you just know women through social situations that forces you to work together, when there's this vast world of women out there just waiting for you to say hi just because you see them at all.

    but I don't know you and your appearance. just walk up and ask a random lady if she thinks anything could be done to improve your appearance. ask a lady that you would wanna go out with, as in she's hot, because you wanna attract those kinda ladies.

    and I think how you should dress could vary a lot depending on how old you are and which town you live in

    • What do you mean change my appearance? Like tone it down?

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    • Well I'm in a new town and I dress the best out of everyone so that's why I say tone down.

    • yea dress like everyone else unless women are hitting on you more than the other guys. but maybe they like you more because of how you dress than the other guys and you just haven't noticed? I mean when is the last time youve made moves on a few chicks? just try some stuff. seriously ask some chicks if they like your look or if they like toned down better. like ask someone you know or just some random chick for some help, like ask her to be very very frank with you.

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  • Be confident in yourself, it doesn't matter how you dress. Confidence is key. Be someone you would like to date (without getting too narcissistic) and all you need to do is keep trying and not let failure get you down. There are many trials one has to face before they can find their true love.


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  • Before I go into my thoughts in detail, I'd like to ask.. how many girls have you asked out in the last 6 months, and how many said yes and how many said no ?

    • Well I haven't exactly asked them out. But I asked if they had a man, and try to mess with another girl. But girl 1 said she did have a Man and two just fronted. But to answer your question ill say two but I've always been rejected in life by girls I like not when the girls like me first.

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    • sit around waiting for some nice young girl to notice me.

      Everything in your question makes you sound like a catch. If it's at all accurate, I doubt you'd need to ask more than 5 girls out, before you'd get a hit. 10 at the absolute outside stretch. And that's only because you might be giving off vibes of "I'm not confident and bordering on desperate". But maybe you're not & you'll get a hit with the first one.

      The solution seems obvious to me. Get in the game, and put your name on it!

    • Yeah I have gotten out of the game for a while because when I was in I asked out at least 20 girls in the two years before this one. I got a lot of them, like their number and hung out with a few but that's it. I always get an excuse or we just cut communication because I can tell they're not feeling me. So can you explain what happened back then?

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