What's a feminine body type? Need a man's opinion here.

All my friends and my family have large cup sizes and/or bust line, slender waist lines and narrow hips. And it seems to me that this is the popular and most desirable body type. But me? Oh I had to be the oddball.

I have broad shoulders, wide bust but not so large cup size(I’m a borderline C or a full B cup), slender waist and “child bearing hips”( I hate that damn title). Every time I turn around I hear men go bonkers over top heavy women. It’s as if no one truly cares if a woman has hips. If anything, the women with very slender and trimmed hips get all the glory… So long as she is busty. It’s so frustrating, makes me feel as if no man would look at me with all the longing in his eyes as they look upon my busty comrades.

I mean hey, don’t get me wrong, I can DEFINITELY see the appeal. Busty women are BEAUTIFUL. Their chest are like, the center of their femininity. But aren’t round full hips feminine as well? Or is it just a worthless trait to have when it comes to attracting the opposite gender? If so, I will take my rejection humbly and go my merry way and deny any desire for men I may have for the remainder of my days >:P


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  • Do you know where the phrase 'child bearing hips' originated from ?

    It's a feature that promotes a woman's (in evolutionary theory of physical attraction) ability to bear children, to give birth.

    The evolutionary theory' states that among other features, men will find this feature attractive because' it indicates a woman's ability to bear there children and survive the process, (think about back in the caveman days where the foundation of life was to produce offspring and spread your gene's) - well that's how evolutionary psychologists refer to the subconscious physical desire of that characteristic.

    Don't Beyonce, Mariah Carey and Kim Kardashian all hold the same physical feature? And their bodies are adored by the media and majority of men. Even though there breasts are relativly similar to you, and the same with their frame. (Kim Kardashian being a slight exception - but she's 30 % Counterfeit anyway)

    I adore wide hips, I think it promotes a curvy voluminous figure, as well as I share 'SnackG's preference on Bold, plump round Be-hinds.

    Trust me, there are a vast amount of men that adore the figure you described. As well as a lot of men that don't adore big breasts. I for one don't think it promotes the female form, just bombards a slender and luscious look with two big round meat balloons.

    But that's just my opinion. C is ideal in my mind. If they stand up and don't droop, that's all it takes for me to take notice.

    Otherwise 30 % of my visual tendencies are going to be directed to the area your leaving Be-hind. lol.

    Hope this helps :)

    • Oh I am aware where the phrase child bearing hips originated from. Just my not being the motherly type makes me hate the title completely LOL. I'd hate for a guy to look at me and think "Mmmm She can carry my spawns with ease!" Too much, man. Too much.

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    • Best answer! :P ... No wonder lol. It's a box you can tick for any of the answers you receive, declaring it as the best answer you received :D

    • I'm not that fresh here, but not that umm, involved. Back in 2010 and early 2011 I asked a lot of questions on insecure matters as well as more than a few answers on personal preference questions within the sexuality and relationship categories. But only recently a couple months back have I actually been using my knowledge and incite to help people and well, debate and such.

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  • You sound perfect to me! I like a girl with womens hips not little boys hips. What you have discribed youself as is hourglass which is the sexiest body shape of all if you ask me. If not then you are pear which is the second sexiest.

    Go to to bodyshapefashionadvice(dot)com/questions(dot)php see what shape you are (sorry can't post links yet). There is lots of advise on that site on how to dress to emphasise your good bits too.

    When I was looking at other women as a potential mate (before I met my wife) I did not look at the chest at all but insted the hips / waist ratio and bum shape. My wife has 34dd breasts but I did not not notice this at all - what I noticed was her pinched in waist, wide hips and pert bum.

    You sound amazing to me - lucky you.

    • Your wife sounds amazing may I might add, true visions of loveliness. But thank you, I have researched my body type in the past and I didn't really fall into any particular category. Hourglass women have broad shoulders like me but their busts are aligned with their hips. How ever my bust line is smaller, but my shoulders make up for it. So you can say I'm in a class all on my own. But thank you for your input. Much oblige :)

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    • be humble because I see him to be strong enough to have me. Does this mean I am to follow his every command with out question? If course not, this is where most people make mistakes with the D/s relationship. It is all about consensual exchange of power because both parties trust each other on a level that extends farther than regular relationships allow. In my perfect relationship, I am my mates most prized possession. His right hand man. The only person whom opinion he respects while at the...

    • Oh sh*t sorry that wasn't for you >.< it was for the guy below lol

  • I like bottom heavy girls. lol

  • WHat are the dimensions of your friends and family? I think you've got a nice body type too, but yeah--big boobs on a slim frame are pretty eye catching and crotch raising. . .

  • -shorter than 5'2

    -C/D cup breasts

    -Medium sized toned ass

    -curvy but not too curvy


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  • i feel the same way =/.. I'm jealous of big boob girls.. I sometimes feel like I have a guys body lol... but I do have hips just not very feminin for me... idk...

    • I'm sorry you feel that way hun. Even though I myself am insecure about my body sometimes. I do know that hips are scientifically proven to be symbols of femininity. Women with wide hips have high estrogen levels in comparison to women with slender hips. I personally think all women regardless, are beautiful. But it just seems to me large breast and slender hips and waists seem to be the ideal these days. :-/

    • yeah I think the same way... lol

    • boobs are hot but of all sizes! hips give the girl extra sex appeal

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