Read this and tell me what you think of a girl like this?

She is a swimmer. She teaches swim to little kids and loves it. She is blond and blue eyes. She is thin and tallish. She is good at school. She wants to own her own travel agentcy. She LOVES to dance! And loves to party. She likes dogs, and hates cats. She wants to get a tattoo one day!:)


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  • Sounds good to me.


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  • Why would anyone hate an animal?

    or get a tattoo?

    What did she get her degree in? How is she working toward her own agency? -- and why, in a very very declining market for travel agencies? What is her personality like? What does she do for entertainment, besides partying and dancing?... what kind of books does she read or movies does she see?

  • Doesn't really say much about her personality and I don't even know how good looking she is so I can't really say if I would date her, get a ONS with her or don't look at her.


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