Ladies, I have blond hair that is dyed. What is the process of going from that to a brunette?

i have naturally very dark blond hair. I have been lightening it for years and is completely blond now. I want to go brunette though! (making an appointment at the salon, not doing at home color) what is the process like/what will my stylist have to do?


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  • Darkening hair is not like lightening it. Lightening requires multiple bleachings and a number of steps. Going from blond to brunette will only involve one step, putting dark dye on your hair. It's that simple.


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  • My friend is a stylist... When your roots start to become your natural color, go in & have them match it. That’s only if you want it to go back to the color that is naturally is. If not, & you want a different shade just find a color that you like.

    • i want a little bit darker than my natural color though. so do they strip the blond out and then dye it the color brown I want over my natural?

  • typically, it's bleached first and then died the darker color, but I suppose it depends on how blond your hair is now, I think?

    You're hair is going to be insanely damaged by the way :\


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